Our Equipment

VisionScan’s equipment can penetrate concrete, pavement, soil, rock, ice,  snow, water, building materials and more without disrupting the surface.  Our operators transport the equipment in our four-wheel truck and where necessary, an equipment trailer.

Based on the conditions of your site, our Operators will select from the following technologies:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Line Locating equipment
  • Traceable Rodder  and Sonde Probe
  • Hand Held Concrete Scanner

Our current equipment includes:

RD Line LocatorRadio Detection Line Locator (RD8000PXL)  This model sets the industry standard  for high performance cable and pipe locator. It has a broad range of active, passive and sonde frequencies.

Fisher Line LocatorFisher Labs Line Locator (Fisher TW-8800)

This lightweight receiver has automatic gain control for maximum sensitivity and can be used in most weather conditions.

GPRGPR on 3-wheel Survey Cart (GSSI 400 MHz GPR Antenna and SIR-3000 data acquisition system)
Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) gathers quality data that can be analyzed to determine depth and the presence of metallic and nonmetallic objects and more.   The Unit is mounted on a cart  that is built to endure field use.

Traceable RodderTraceable Rodder (Jameson Duct Hunter™ Traceable Rodder)
The rodder can be pushed into and through conduits for long distances.  The copper wire inside the rodder is energized with a signal transmitter and the locator (operated on the surface) detects the frequency and allows the operator to trace the a buried utility or pipe and mark it’s location.

SondeSonde Probe
Our Sonde probe is a small self contained transmitter that we use with a compatible radio frequency receiver. When measuring or mapping a nonmetallic pipe, drain, sewer, or duct, we can place the Sonde on a rodder and push it through the conduit.  Using the receiver, our Operator  tracks the Sonde as it moves underground or through the duct.   If there are blockages, we can pinpoint the precise location.

Handheld ScannnerHand Held Scanner
The small size and lightweight of this scanner enable our Operator to quickly locate and mark metallic and non-metallic targets in walls, floors, ceilings and throughout structures made of concrete, wood, and other materials. This tool is capable of measuring the thickness of material such as a concrete slab, and determining cracks or voids within material.